Cash In a Pinch

After the holidays can be a difficult time for some people because they have overspent during Christmas. Bank accounts are slim simply because the price of gifts and goods all happening during the months of November and December will stress the best of budgets.

With the price of gold constantly fluctuating large amounts of money can be made by selling gold when the market price is high. A quick and easy way to generate more cash is to consider going through your unused valuable items and having them appraised and bought for cash. Items like gold, scrap or broken gold jewelry, silver jewelry, name brand electronics and tools, and musical instruments all have some value, and pawnshops are open to appraising them and buying them for a fair market value.

You will find you can profit from selling your old gold jewelry and get gold for cash.

Selling Gold, Silver, Bullion, and Gold Jewelry

There are online gold buyers who have processes set up to buy gold jewelry, and gold. These services will have you go through a process and mail in your items for a payment once received and appraised, typically sending you a check for the value of the gold based on market value minus a premium. A premium is what the gold buyer takes out for the cost of doing business.

Unlike online gold buyers, a brick and mortar jewelry store who are reputable gold buyers will go through a similar process as online gold buyers but because you can go through the process of them buying gold in person you may not have to wait on payment. They will evaluate your item and determine the gold content and base what they will buy your gold for on the current market value.

Another option for quick cash for gold while you wait is a pawn shop. Pawn shops are always in the market for selling gold jewelry and buying gold items. Some stores have online services and serve as an online gold buyer, while other would like to have you make an appointment and come into the pawn shop for a private consultation. The pawn shops have many years of experience selling gold, selling silver, selling gold bullion, and know what the current market price is for gold. The deal in precious metals regularly and the experts in pawn shops offer competitive gold prices.

Other Items Pawn Shops Buy for Cash

Gold for cash is a great options for people needing a little extra to get buy between paychecks or to help in an unexpected emergency. Pawn shops also buy other items like gold coins, gold bullion, gold watches, sterling silver, and gold necklaces. Pawn shops will appraise and do a valuation on your gold necklace as easily as they will if you are selling gold coins.

The process is easy. You bring in your gold items into the store and the pawn broker will determine the type of gold you have and if it is pure gold (24k) or less. The broker will weight the item and look up the current market value – or gold spot price. Pawn shops vary in how much they charge for the premium (the cost of doing business) and will make you an offer.

In addition to gold items, pawn shops appraise and buy diamonds, diamond jewelry, name brand electronics, name brand power tools, musical instruments, and name brand lap tops. Maybe you got some new power tools for Christmas and you are ready to part with the other ones you hand to make room in your shop. Take the power tools by a pawn shop and see how much cash you can get.

PB Pawn and Jewelry – San Diego – Pacific Center

PB Pawn and Jewelry with it’s Pacific Beach location offers a friendly, confidential pawn services. When you bring in your valuable items to sell, we will evaluate and offer you a fair cash price for it. Should you accept, we’ll immediately give you the cash for the transaction. No waiting for a check to cash, or wiring of the money to your bank account. You will walk out with the cash you need right out the door.

If you choose to not sell your item based on our price, we will cordially part ways. There will never be any pressure for you to sell your item to us. We want to make sure that you walk away knowing you got the best possible price for your item

We offer to buy gold so that you can profit from your old scrap jewelry or other valuable items. Specialists in gold, gemstone, and diamond valuation can provide you with a quote based on the current value of gold, silver, or platinum. The gold spot price changes daily and our experts stay up to date on the current market price of gold.

If you are a resident of San Diego or the surrounding areas, and are in need of a quick financing solution, you can now sell your old and unused gold items such as jewelry, bullions, dental gold, and broken gold for a fair price.

About Us

PB Pawn and Jewelry are second and third-generation jewelers with many years of experience, giving us an extensive understanding of the jewelry market. We take the time to value each piece of gold individually, paying the market price – spot price minus the premium. The expert jewelers in our store will provide you a complimentary consultation to value your gold so that you do not feel pressured into selling if the price is not to your liking. We offer an easy, safe way to sell precious metals.

PB Pawn and Jewelry also offers a valuation of other precious metals such as silver, sterling silver, and other jewelry including diamonds and precious stones, again offering cash on the spot.

Other Items We Buy

We consider buying all name brand power tools, musical instruments, and electronics and our team offers great deals on these items as well if you are in the market to buy.

PB Pawn and Jewelry Offers Pawn Services

Maybe you are in need of cash but you aren’t ready to part with your gold, gold bullion, gold bracelet, gold coins, name brand power tools, or musical instruments. Our secure pawn services allow you to get the cash you need by offering your valuable item as collateral for a pawn loan.

What is the Process?
You simply bring your item into the pawn shop, have it appraised, and set up the terms for your short term loan. The process is quick, easy, and confidential. Once the loan is repaid, your item is returned.

PB Pawn and Jewelry is a trusted local store that has been family-owned for three generations, and our team pride themselves on their security and expertise as pawn brokers, goldsmiths, gemologist, and diamond experts.

What are People Saying About Us?
A spokesperson for the company said that: “Our goal is to provide an inviting atmosphere to our customers, and we treat people with the respect we know they deserve.”

“Loans, selling, and BUYING this is a great little nugget to have on your pawn shop. Sold gold jewelry and was able to score silver/ gold bullion at super fair rates. The guys were knowledgeable and were extremely open to discuss the game of bullion. WILL BE BACK!”