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Designer Purses

How Do You Store Luxury Handbags?

Designer handbags aren’t cheap, so ensuring you store them appropriately will help lengthen the lifetime of the bag. Finding a perfect size bag and then

Unique diamond ring

Find Jewelry From Pawn Shops and Save!

Christmas is a coming and geese are getting fat…but the dollar seems to be shrinking. The well known Christmas rhyme written by Edith Nesbit in

Gold Bars All Lined Up

Do Pawn Shops Take Luxury Items to Get Loans for Gold?

Gold bullion, gold coins, gold bars, and gold anything are certainly the talk these days, and this rings true for silver, platinum, and other precious metals. Most pawnshops will buy, sell, and loan precious metals, and each shop has its own set of conditions and terms. PB Pawn and Jewelry would be the place to […]