You received a gold bracelet a few years ago along with some silver earrings and know you are thinking about selling them. You want to take your things to a pawn shop that will pay top dollar for your luxury items. Seems like selling them wasn’t so important a few weeks ago but lately, with the rising costs, you don’t have enough cash to get through between paydays.

You considered just selling your gold and silver jewelry outright but now you think you would rather pawn it because you don’t want to explain to your family member that you got rid of the jewelry permanently. You know that your family member will be hurt that you sold the jewelry if they found out. Maybe a short-term loan is the best option.

You wish that there was some kind of rule book you could read so you understood buying, selling, and pawning jewelry at a pawn shop.

Some Things to Remember about Buying, Selling, and Pawning Anything at a Pawn Shop

Pawn shops are part of the community they are located in and they provide a necessary service to many of its members. Many pawn shops have been in business for a long time. Some others not so long. They all have a pawnbroker you can work with who will talk to you and guide you along the way. They are considered experts in their field.

People think of pawn shops like Pawn Stars but the reality is this description is far from reality.
Pawn shops need to make a profit and pay their overhead to stay in business. This being said, pawn shops still offer reasonable prices for customers who are looking to buy silver jewelry, gold jewelry, a diamond ring, gaming systems, designer handbags, digital cameras, power tools, collectible coins, yard equipment, silver half dollars, golf clubs, and other valuable items in great shape. If you are looking to get affordable luxury items, a pawn shop is the best place to visit.

Pawn shops will also get you the extra cash you may need between paydays by buying broken gold jewelry and other items for a fair price. They will have you bring in your luxury items and then they appraise the value of the item. They will make you an offer to consider. Nothing is expected of you to have to accept the offer . Offers may be higher on in demand items. You get to decide.

Another option if you don’t want to permanently lose your valuable items is to consider a pawn loan. Items that are best to pawn are things that are in great shape and good working condition. Pawn shops will loan on silver jewelry, gold jewelry, a diamond ring, gaming systems, designer handbags, digital cameras, power tools, collectible coins, yard equipment, silver half dollars, video games, video game consoles, golf clubs, your engagement ring, loose diamonds, and other precious metals. As long as the appraised value of the item you are considering pawning covers the cost of the short term loan you need, you will be leaving with extra money in your pocket.

Getting cash for your valuables isn’t a problem and the process doesn’t require a credit check or employment information. You simply have to provide a state issued ID. Many people bring in items to pawn because the process is simple, confidential, and quick. They truly trust their local pawn shops.

Remember to Research
For the most part pawn shops aren’t the dark, dreary, places that once described them. There isn’t Guito in the back room hustling a deal or collecting on past due debts.

Research and find a reputable pawn shop. With the internet, most pawn shops have google reviews that you can review to see what customers are saying about them.

Pawn shops are also a part of different affiliations that if you identify who they are, you will visit a pawn shop with confidence. Look at the Better Bureau affiliation they have or if they are a member of the California Pawn Brokers Assoiciation. By doing so you will be confident that the pawn shop is honest and has high standards.

Educate Yourself

Pablo Freire said “Education is Freedom.”
Educating yourself gives you skills and knowledge so you are not held back. Take some time to learn about gold, silver, loose diamonds and other items you want to take to a pawn shop for quick cash. Some things that are helpful to know is 24k gold is 99% gold and will bring a higher price when compared to 10k gold.

It’s also noteworthy that most jewelry is made from 18k or lower purity gold because it doesn’t scratch as bad and it isn’t as soft as 24k gold. Why is this important, going in thinking you will get spot price for 24k gold when your gold jewelry is stamped 14k will be a huge difference in price. Getting to know the differences between the purity of gold and silver can be a bit tricky but in time you will understand the facts.

Know how diamonds are graded. Some diamonds in broken jewelry may be able to be removed and sold or used for a pawn loan. Bigger diamonds are worth more and don’t forget the precious metals that they are set in also have a value.

Teach Yourself to Push Back

Unlike big box stores who set the prices they will sell items for on price tags and aren’t really willing to reduce, pawn shops will negotiate. Learn how to negotiate and use the knowledge you gained from your educating yourself so you have facts to push back and get a higher price for your valuable items.

Some old video games and video game consoles are now becoming worth something. Do some research so if you decide to take one of these items into the pawn shop you know what they are worth. Gold coins are in high demand and going through your treasure chest, knowing their value, and negotiating with the pawn broker will get you more money than if you decided to not push back. You can decide to pawn diamonds and diamond jewelry so you can get a short term loan that is different than a personal loan. Personal loans require credit checks and applications. A pawn loan requires an ID and a signature.

Take Some Time to Know Your Bottomline

By knowing the least amount of money you are willing to take, you will not settle for nothing less. This will help you leave with the money you need. Sometimes people question their expectations if they haven’t predetermined what their bottom line is. They begin to get wishy washy and end up leaving with a mediocre deal not a good deal.

Clean Up Those Valuables

When you find treasures in your closet or drawers and you decide to go into a pawn shop to make money fast, make sure the items are in good working condition, have all the cords it came with, is clean, and if you have original paperwork or owner manuals bring these along too. Doing these things will help you get more money instead of less money. As you take the time to make sure the items you are taking in to sell or pawn are in prestine condition, remember your efforts are with the fast cash you will leave with.

Broken Jewelry Is a Great Item to Pawn

If you find that you are behind in your bills or experience a temporary financial situation that is causing you stress, consider going through your old broken jewelry to see if you have pieces you could use as collateral for a pawn loan or to sell outright.

Broken jewelry is seldom repaired so it can be worn again and it just sets in jewelry boxes collecting dust and getting tarnished. Consider your choice to pawn or sell it for quick cash. If you don’t want to get rid of it permanently than consider a pawn loan.

If you decide to pawn your jewelry and you keep up with the payments, paying it off your item will be returned. If you find out you can’t make the payments in full you can work with the pawn shop and extend the loan as long as interest payments are paid.

Extra cash in our pocket will help reduce your stress and help bridge the gap between paydays. Pawn loans are easy to get and the process is descreet. Your local pawn shop will have a list of items to pawn and what are in demand items. They are excited to work with you.

PB Pawn & Jewelry

Located in the Pacific Beach area of San Diego, CA . Being the most respected pawn and jewelry shop you can count on us to give you the best valuation for your jewelry, diamonds, electronics, gold, silver, precious metals, coins, musical instruments, and power tools.

PB Pawn & Jewelry will work with every customer to make sure that customers know the best things to pawn and understand the answer to “what do pawn shops buy?” They will work with customers in person and give fair prices on all items sold and pawned in the shop.

They have an online store that provides images and prices of all things available in store. Because PB Pawn & Jewelry wants to have a large inventory for customers to shop from, they are will give the most money they can based on the market trend.

Pawning items with PB Pawn & Jewelry is simple. The process is confidential and discreet. Interest rates are lower than you would think. Taking the same items to a competitors shop will result in less cash. All popular brands are sought after and can be appraised. Based on the appraisal value pawn terms will be offered and you will leave with cash in hand.

Remember that diamonds are what we do at PB Pawn and Jewelry. With 31 years of experience in the diamond industry from cutting, polishing and wholesaling we can expertly evaluate your diamond and offer you the maximum cash value in less than 15 minutes.Yes, more money in LESS THAN 15 MINUTES!

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If your diamond is GIA certified, you can simply call us with the GIA report number and we can quote you a price based on the report, it’s that easy.

If you are looking to sell your diamond, please give us 15 minutes of your time and you will be leaving with cash in hand. Money you need and fast cash you doubted you would get!

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