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Pawn Loan for Quick Cash
Pawn Loan for Quick Cash

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PB Pawn and Jewelry is the best place to get quick cash in Pacific Beach San Diego. Whether you’re looking for a loan or want to pawn your items, we can help.


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We offer fast cash loans so you can get the money you need immediately. Our loan process is simple and convenient, allowing you to get the funds quickly and conveniently.



Secure Temporary Loans

Need a short-term loan? We provide temporary loan services so you can access the money you need now without having to commit to long-term financial obligations.

Best Pawn Shop in San Diego

We are the top pawn shop in San Diego, offering competitive rates and unrivaled customer service. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced, so we can get you the best deal possible on your items!

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Quick Cash
Quick Cash

If your diamond is GIA certified, you can simply call us with the GIA report number and we can quote you a price based on the report, it’s that easy.

If you are looking to sell your diamond, please give us 15 minutes of your time and you will be leaving with cash in hand.

Give us a call at (858) 263-4904 to learn more!

Call 858-263-4904 to Schedule an Appointment

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