Owning a Rolex, whether it is brand new, gently worn, or any of the vintage Rolex watches available today, is a desire of many. It may be one of your desires. Rolex watches have been on the market since 1905 when Hans Wilsdorf and Alfred Davis founded the Rolex Company as a luxury timepiece. They put their efforts into developing a precision wristwatch that would woo the world.

Rolex is the leading luxury watch manufacturer globally, producing over 2,000 watches per day. Each watch is handcrafted, guaranteeing a focus on quality and precision.

Watch enthusiasts look for and purchase these beauties from jewelry stores, online stores, watch dealers, and pawn shops.

Watches like the Rolex Submariner, Daytona, Yacht-Master, and GMT-Master place Rolex watches in the race to compete with other luxury watch manufacturers.

Submariner Rolex

The Rolex Submariner is known for its accuracy and is an excellent addition to a diver’s tool. The Submariner has a rotatable bezel which provides a diver a safe way to monitor dive time and decompression accurately. The Rolex has a hard, corrosion-resistance ceramic Cerachrom bezel insert which is virtually scratchproof.

The Yacht-Master has an Oysterflex bracelet, an excellent alternative to metal bracelets that comes with the Oyster Perpetual and is offered in three different sizes. It is water-resistant and reliable.

The GMT- Master Rolex is a beautiful design, and it has an emblematic two-color bezel and a bidirectional rotatable bezel fitted with a 24-graduated Cerachrom insert made from hard ceramic.

The Rolex Sea-Dweller is a line of diver watches with an underwater diving depth rated 4000 ft to 12,800 ft.

When purchasing one of the beautiful Rolex watches on the market, you as a consumer can rest assured that Rolex watches are made to last – a lifetime.

This doesn’t come without the need for maintenance and service.

Watch Maker - Service

Maintenance and Watch Service

Rolex watches need to be cared for daily, ensuring that they are used as intended, not dropped, are put away correctly, and kept from environmental factors that threaten their functionality.

Rolex watches should be serviced every ten years. The service cost of your Rolex will run about $800 depending on the model, case, movement, and condition of the watch, and watch service is needed.

There are authorized Rolex Watch dealers who are trained in servicing your watch as well as independent watchmakers. Asking for an estimate before any service work is started is an important thing to do. Prices vary regarding replacement parts, along with minimum fees and hourly rates.

Independent watchmakers typically have a service price list available so you can know what the charge may be for regular service on your Rolex watch. Ensure you know the independent watchmaker knows how to service a Rolex and check his reviews and customer feedback. 

The Rolex Service Center is always a safe option.

Sometimes a Rolex watch may need to be sent to Switzerland because the Rolex Service Center cannot provide the service your Rolex needs. Shipping costs will be added to the service estimate if this has to happen.



Rolex has different types of movements in their watches. From vintage Rolex watches to modern ones, there are simple movements and complex ones. Rolex watches today use mechanical and either automatic (self-winding) movements or manual wind movements.

In 1977 the Rolex 3035 increased the balance speed allowing for more accurate timekeeping. The Rolex 3035 is the first automatic self-winding watch mechanism, and it has a quick set function. The Sea-Dweller and Submariner both use this movement.

In 2000 at the same time as the 3130 movement, the Rolex 4130 movement was the company’s first system entirely designed and made in-house. It was made for the Tolex Daytona Chronograph, and the movement simplified an already uncomplicated Rolex watch movement, featuring fewer moving parts than any other modern chronograph. It maximizes timekeeping accuracy and reserve power.

Rolex watch sitting on desk

Rolex watch movements with the simplest movements are the Oyster Perpetual, The Explorer, The Submariner, The Air King, The Milgauss, and The Cellini Time. Movements are used for an hour, minute, and seconds hands.

Rolex watches with regular movements are The Submariner Date, The Sea-Dweller, The Datejust, and The Cellini Date.

Rolex watches with more complex movements include The GMT-Master II, The Explorer II, The Day-Date, and The Cellini Dual Time.

Rolex watches with the most complicated movements are The Cosmograph Daytona, The Cellini Moonphase, The Sky-Dweller, and The Yacht-Master II.

Movement types and complexity affect the price of service maintenance. Knowing what watches have what type of movements is essential when considering which watch you want to purchase.

rolex watch

Model And Case Material

The model and case of the watch also can play a role in the servicing cost of your Rolex. It makes sense that simpler classic watches are less expensive to maintain and service when compared to professional Rolex watches.

The various materials that the cases are made from affect service price, and precious metals like white gold cases and Everose are more expensive to service.

Rolex Condition

Age is a factor when considering the need and cost of maintenance and service. A Rolex watch less than ten years old will have a much better movement than a vintage Rolex. A professional Rolex was made to be used, and it will age quicker if it is stored away in a safe.

Rolex watches that a worn a great deal will have higher servicing costs simply because more needs to be done.

Polishing a Rolex is something some people do. However, if you think you want to sell your watch at some point later, polishing your Rolex watch may decrease its value. The actual condition, scratches, and all are genuine, whereas a polished watch might be hiding something and create suspicion.

You will have to decide if you desire to have your Rolex watch polished while being serviced.

Watch Repairs

Vintage Rolex Watches

Vintage watches will need maintenance, and their movements may be worn. If the vintage watch needs a part, the part may need to be replaced or recreated from scratch.

When to Service Your Rolex Watches

When you purchase a new Rolex watch or a previously owned Rolex, the Rolex Company recommends that you service your Rolex every ten years. If a Rolex watch is less than ten years old and damaged, it will need to be serviced.

When purchasing a vintage Rolex watch, it is essential to find out any information about the service of the Rolex. A Rolex needs to be serviced every ten years, but if you don’t know when or if it was serviced regularly, then the quality and performance of the movement will let you know what is in store to get the watch into tip-top condition.

Regular Rolex Service

Service Intervals


Accuracy standards of -2/+2 sec/day are perfect.

Seven to Ten Years

Consider a “well-baby check” even if it is in good working order.

Vintage Rolex 30+ years

Consult an independent watchmaker or authorized dealer local watchmaker or authorized dealer. The rule of thumb is if a vintage Rolex is running fine, then don’t have it serviced. If it stops working or starts running slow, then you may have to send it in.

Vintage Watch Movement

What Happens In A Rolex Watch Service?

An official Rolex retailer can sell and maintain Rolex watches and have the necessary skills, technical knowledge, and special equipment to service your watch. The retailers guarantee the authenticity of each part of your Rolex.

Understanding that a Rolex Service Centre is a watch service center that meets the standards of Rolex to service their watches. The Rolex Service Centre is capable of doing all routine service and repairs on watches still under or outside of warranty. This is where you want to send your Rolex watches if they need service.

After you buy your Rolex watch, it would be essential to find out where your local Rolex Service Center is located. This way, you can talk with them and get information on what they have to offer and how to get your Rolex serviced should the need arise.

Typically the internal mechanisms are what require the attention of a skilled watchmaker. The winding crown, lugs, case, and band can also fall in disrepair.

Rolex guarantees the proper functioning of its watches for five years from the date of purchase. It’s expected that there will be normal wear and tear from a Rolex watch being worn. If you try and repair a Rolex on your own or take it to an unauthorized service center for the repair, you may void the warranty. The repair cost may be cheaper, but it may cost you in the long run.

Quick Cash

Rolex maintains an extensive list of Rolex Service Centers, and this can be found at https://www.rolex.com/watch-care-and-service/servicelocator/unitedstates.html

Service Centers put your Rolex watch through an extensive procedure to keep your Rolex running for a long time.

First, the bracelet is detached from the case. The case is then opened, and the movement is removed, which allows the certified technician to disassemble the watch case.

Second, the movement is carefully disassembled. Each part is cleaned using an ultrasonic process that uses solutions created specifically for cleaning a Rolex.

Each part is inspected to determine if anything needs to be replaced by genuine Rolex parts.

Once these steps are completed, the movement is reassembled, and special tools and lubricants are used to keep the movement lubricated and prevent wear.

The Rolex-certified watchmaker will readjust the precision of your watch and make sure it’s within Rolex’s accuracy standards of -2/+2 sec/day. Once readjusted, the Service Center will keep your watch for a few days to ensure it performs as intended.

Reassembly occurs, and the technician will refinish the bracelet and case to restore their original shine. Remember that not all Rolex owners want their watches polished, mainly if the watch is vintage, so make sure that you inform the Service Center of your preference.

After the case is reassembled and the movement is returned to its proper place, the technician will test the waterproofness of the watch. This is done by using a vacuum test, compression test, and condensation test.

The watch is sealed, and a final quality control check is completed.



Service Guarantee

After taking your Rolex to a certified Rolex Service Center, your Rolex watch will receive a two-year service guarantee. This is time and money well spent.

If something should occur and the movement stops working correctly during the two years following the service, the center will have the watch fixed.

Gold and Silver Coins

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