Searching for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Christmas is just around the corner. Grandchildren, children, friends, adults, family, and pets are all waiting for those Christmas gifts and special memories.

Christmas is a time for traditionally celebrating the day. Some family traditions that can be done while giving a gift of silver coins.

Gold and Silver coins

Figgy Pudding or Christmas Pudding

Christmas pudding is also known as figgy pudding or plum pudding. The dessert dates back to medieval times in England. Initially, Christmas pudding was made of meats and root vegetables, giving the dish a savory wholesome taste.

In the mid 1600s, the dish became a Christmas dessert. When the Puritans came to power, Oliver Cromwell stopped the dessert because it was considered merriment like Yule Logs and caroling. These were all thought to be idolatry. When King George came to power about fifty years later, he requested plum pudding for his first English Christmas banquet.

It became tradition to prepare Christmas pudding on the last Sunday before Advent or five weeks before Christmas, and continues to be served until Christmas.

The Christmas tradition continued throughout time, and the dish was eventually made with dried fruits, raisins, candied fruits, and dried plums, giving the pudding the name plum pudding. Households that were poor would eat a thicker version of the dish until their stomachs were full. The dish was served with a meager serving of meat.

There were traditions that were incorporated into figgy pudding. It was common practice to hide a coin in the pudding to bring good luck. The person who found the silver coin was excited to receive such a good token. Today, receiving a gold or silver coin for Christmas will bring excitement too.

Another tradition was to add a dried pea or bean into the pudding, and whoever got it was king or queen for the night.

Giving Silver and Gold Coins as Presents Doesn’t Have to Include Figgy Pudding

The silver sixpence is a coin used in the British Empire in 1551, and it was used until 1967. One sixpence represented six pennies.

During the middle age, there were many superstitions. Anything to help ward off evil spirits was welcomed. Some families passed down the sixpence through generations by giving the coin minted in the birth year, a wedding date, or special occasion.

At Christmas, a gold or silver coin can be given as a gift. Children learn from their parents and grandparents, and a Christmas coin provides an opportunity to share information and stories about coins, like the sixpence.

Stocking stuffers can include silver coins with the birthdate of a child, or gold bullion for the adults. Give a gold gift, like gold bullion, and coins can be used by the recipient as an investment.

Not only Are Silver Coins the Beginning of Lasting Memories, Precious Metals are Great for All Occasions

Gold bars, gold bullion, silver coins, silver bullion, platinum, gold and silver bars, and gold and silver jewelry items all make great gifts. Who wouldn’t appreciate silver gifts?

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Gold and Silver Coins

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