Christmas is a coming and geese are getting fat…but the dollar seems to be shrinking. The well known Christmas rhyme written by Edith Nesbit in 1858 and a favorite of many. Unfortunately, the current economy finds prices are higher, and the dollar seems to go as far.

When you go to the grocery store or department stores, you can’t help but notice that the retail prices on many items are much higher. What does this mean for the holiday season if you plan on shopping for loved ones?

Jewelry Stores are already advertising precious jewelry items for sale, credit card companies continue to market “charge” and don’t pay until next year, and merchandise and other things on websites all have a discount or sale price listed.

With paychecks having to stretch further, deliveries and supply change delays, will this Christmas look the same? It will be important to spend some time investigating and finding the right place to shop, so you can save money while still getting the most value for your dollar.

Christmas shopping

Pawn shops create an affordable option for shopping

Pawn shops have been seen as seedy places where the pawnbrokers are dishonest and steal from customers. The movies, media, people, and friends have all presented negative opinions about pawn shops, what they sell, and who they work with.

The truth is that pawn shops are a resource and place to find affordable products and financial support.

Pawn Shops are Regulated and Work With Law Enforcement to Decrease Theft

Pawn shops follow the rules of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Fire Arms (AFT) and are regulated by the Federal Reserve Board. They have 14 federal rules and regulations to comply with. The Patriot Act requires them to check all customers against the Treasure Department’s database of known terrorists. They are licensed.

Pawn shops work with local law enforcement to report stolen goods or find items people have stolen. All transactions require a valid government issued ID, and a finger print.

Holiday shopping

All People Are Welcome to Shop, Pawn, Or Visit a Pawn Shop

Pawnshop customers represent all social economic classes of people. The pawn shop customer is someone who shops for a luxury item, collectible, gold, silver, precious metal, or name brand product at affordable prices.

Pawn shops have unique luxury products as collateral for pawn shop loans, and they also outright buy items.

Pawn shop patrons may come to a pawn shop to obtain a pawn shop loan as a short-term solution to an unexpected expense or financial situation.

Some people might borrow money from a family member or friend, only to result in bad feelings and severed ties. Customers find taking out a pawn loan is a better option. The pawn process is confidential, quick, and easy.

There are no credit checks or pulling reports from the credit bureaus because the collateral a customer brings in is used to secure the short-term loan. The item “guarantees” the loan.

Pawn Loan Stats

Pawn shops work with customers to help repay their loans. The items given as collateral still belong to the customer, and pawn shops will give text and call reminders if someone is late making their monthly payment. Some customers can work with their local pawn shop and establish a relationship. If they are a few days late, the shop might work with the customer to only pay the interest to keep the loan in place and secure their property until they can pay the loan terms in full.

According to the National Pawnbrokers Association, the national average pawn shop loan is $150.00 and it is paid back in 30 days. Depending on the location of the pawn shop, the current economy, and other factors determine the average pawnshop loans that go into default.

Pawn Loans are Easily Attained

If a person is underbanked or unbanked, they don’t have a credit history to use to secure a bank loan. About 7% of US households use pawnshops to obtain the quick cash they need. Pawn loans are a credit product available to give a borrower short-term, obligation-free options.

Holiday shopping

Pawn Shops Carry Luxury Items

With the rapidly changing technical world, electronics, TVs, gaming consoles, etc. are replaced with newer versions as quickly as they come out. Today upgrading is the standard, leaving fully functional items available to trade in, sell, or pawn.

Today, couples can upgrade their wedding sets and apply the value to a newer shinier option. Maybe, they just want to buy new and liquidate their used jewelry. Pawn shops create an option.

Pawn shops carry gold, silver, precious metals, pre-owned luxury handbags, designer high-end watches, musical instruments, collectibles, name brand tools and equipment tested, appraised and determined to be in good condition.

Pawn Shops Are Affordable

Jewelry stores, big box stores, and online stores selling new luxury items can be expensive. A few tips for saving money are to shop at a pawn shop, check with the shop often to see their new inventory, go through your personal items at your house that you don’t want, and consider selling them to buy the jewelry, gemstones, rings, bracelets, diamonds, and other luxury items.

Pawn shops may also carry new items, depending on the store.

Buying jewelry from a pawn shop can be fun and like a treasure hunt

Most pawn shops test and appraise their jewelry before the pawn, buy, or sell it. They want to ensure that what they bring into their retail store is quality, and they want to make offers and set prices that are fair.

A few things to remember when you are on a treasure hunt to buy jewelry as a holiday gift is to talk to the pawnbroker to learn about the gold jewelry you are interested in, or to learn about the quality of the diamonds you are eyeing. Pawnbrokers are happy to share what they know.

Gold and Silver Coins

PB Pawn and Jewelry Located in San Diego, CA – A Holiday Gift Giving Adventure

PB Pawn and Jewelry is the best place to go if you’re looking to sell or pawn your items in the Pacific Beach San Diego area.

 They are 2nd and 3rd generation Gemologists, Goldsmiths, and Diamond Experts with a rich history in the jewelry business. They care for their clients and our community.

At PB Pawn and Jewelry, all transactions are discreet and confidential. Whether you’re selling or pawning, or purchasing a special gift, they ensure you get your needs met.

Holiday shopping

PB Pawn and Jewelry carries all kinds of electronics, musical instruments, tools, luxury watches, designer purses, and jewelry. As a local pawn shop in the San Diego, CA area, they may not be a jewelry store, but they know jewelry!

Holiday shopping

They specialize in buying gold jewelry, and their retail prices are affordable. They have a wide selection of Christmas gifts, and their inventory is constantly changing. Stop in and see them!