I have arrived in San Diego, CA, and head towards the Pacific Beach area. I know that I must find a store and shop for that special, unique gift for my sweetheart. Valentine’s Day is in a few days, and I haven’t had time to shop for that personalized Valentine’s Day gift I had hoped to give. I picked up a gift before I left, but wasn’t happy with it.

While researching the area, I found out that Pacific Beach stretches for miles from the Misson Bay jetty to the cliffs of La Jolla. I hope that the numerous local shops must have something worth considering. I know that the gift I give has to be personalized and something that will be a delight no matter what it is. My head is spinning with possibilities.

Gold, gold jewelry, silver, a necklace, a luxury watch, a diamond, what is the perfect way to say “I love you”?

Gold, gold jewelry, silver, a necklace, a luxury watch, a diamond, what is the perfect way to say “I love you”?

Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

I spoke to my family before I left and headed to San Diego. They said the best thing for me to do is to find a store that has customized valentine’s day gifts. But where?

All I know is I have to find that extra special gift. I thought maybe I would just set the box on the bedside table as I see in movies when someone presents romantic gifts. Perhaps I should give it at dinner. It doesn’t matter; first I need to create the best memorable experience by finding the perfect gift.

I drive around looking at store names and see PB Pawn and Jewelry. Would they have unique gift ideas?

I haven’t had any past experiences with pawnshops, but I have heard they carry a variety of things. Maybe they have personalized valentine’s day gifts that would fit my situation. Their sign says they take gold, silver, diamonds, rings and things remembered for that special someone. I think, “why not.”

Shopping in a Pawnshop for Romantic Gifts

I enter the store, greeted by a friendly and upbeat pawnbroker. The store is decorated for Valentine’s Day and emphasizes Valentine’s Day gifts. I think this is just what I imagined. I tell the pawnbroker I am looking for personalized gifts, one that would send a special message to my sweetheart.

The pawnbroker explained that the store is filled with jewelry ideas, diamonds, gold, tools, and electronics. He says there is something for everyone, even kids. You think “no kids yet, but maybe in the future if all goes well.” He explains that they have all kinds of customers who come into their shop to buy gifts for parents, a sweet treat for family members, a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a husband, or a wife., even kids.

He said some people open a new account to shop often and get what they want by opting into their jewelry niche list. He explained that after receiving an email savings sign or flyer, they are given instructions on how to use the flyer to save on luxury items they have been tracking.

Luxury Items at a Reasonable Price

You remember your friends saying that it would be easier shopping for your gift once you arrived at Pacific Beach because it would be fun and memorable. The pawnbroker explains that many of the rings, necklaces, tools, and electronics are sold directly to the store, or someone received a pawn loan and decided not to fulfill the contract making the item the pawn shops. He explains that this process makes it easier for the store to sell luxury items at a discounted or bargain price. In turn, loved ones can shop in the store, getting precisely what they hoped for. He said it is not a surprise that the store has so many unique gift ideas and a customer base that shops at the store exclusively. He also said they have an online store if I am interested once I return home. Encouraging me to search around the store and see what I might want to see I felt immediately at ease.

I see an info sign that says, “Won’t You Be My Valentine?”

I smile, knowing that this is the perfect place with such a variety of gift ideas that I can find the perfect way to say “I love you.” The cases are full of gold, gold jewelry, rings, diamond sets, and pendants. I remember when I was younger, much younger. I recall I gave a t-shirt to my girlfriend in high school, and it wasn’t well received. She accepted it gracefully, but I think “a t-shirt?” That isn’t the special gift or the particular message I want to send now. I believe that life has changed so much since that time in my life. A sweetheart then is indeed defined differently now.

I ask the pawnbroker if any of the rings I see can be customized. He said, of course, that they have relationships with other stores and can provide those store names if there is something particular I have in mind. I notice a ring with a small diamond in it. It is so delicate, and its unique size and the style is something she might cherish. I ask, “May I look at that one?” He hands me the small ring, and I notice it has an inscription on the inside of the band. It was made for a special someone. It reads, “Won’t you be my Valentine?”

Shop at a Pawnshop with Confidence

The pawnbroker sets the ring aside while I keep shopping. I notice a pendant that has someone’s pet’s face on it. I smile, “Nope, not that one,” I think. The pawnbroker said many customers were shopping for those personalized Valentine’s Gifts, and most have left with a gift in hand. I am pleased with the kind and friendly interaction I am receiving in the store. I never thought about a pawn shop as a place to find unique gifts in the past, and I walked over and looked at the tools.

My goodness, the shelves were full of name-brand tools. The tools all looked in good shape. I asked if they tested the tools before placing them up for sale. The broker explained that all items, including the musical instruments and tools, were tested before purchasing or secured as collateral for a loan.

He said that each item goes through a process to ensure that they are a quality item that can be sold if needed. He also said that each customer who comes into the shop to buy, sell, or pawn gets instructions to provide a valid state ID which helps prevent theft. He assured me that pawnshops are a safe place to shop with confidence.

Hand Stamped

I went back to the jewelry cases and noticed a piece that someone, at some point, was focused on its uniqueness and beauty and wanted to customize. It was a charm bracelet rose gold in color with a 14k stamp. It had diamonds, sapphires, and opals in the charms. A unique piece made for a special someone. I asked to see it, and it had been hand stamped.

Hand Stamping dates back thousands of years. When a piece of metal is hand stamped, a letter symbol or design is pressed into the surface of the metal with a unique stamp and hammer.

The hand-stamping process is a way to personalize a piece and turn it into a unique gift. The charm bracelet was impressive indeed. Each charm was individually stamped and must have been a memorable gift, but it just wasn’t the right one for my special gift.

“Ugh,” I thought to myself. Well, this thought didn’t go unnoticed by the pawnbroker. He had several other customers in the store but didn’t take his eye off me. He was like my personal assistant behind the counter. He inquired what was up and if he could show me anything else. I hesitated and thought I was glad I wasn’t in the market for my anniversary date because this was hard.

I noticed a diamond ring that had seven colors of gems in it. The pawnbroker said it was a “mother’s ring,” and the colors were the children’s birthstones in the original owner’s family. How unique, I thought.

I remembered a news article I saw that said that Jewelry is the most popular item bought on Valentine’s Day. It said that people spend 4.1 billion of all spending during the holiday.

Simply amazing! Unlike home décor, clothing like a t-shirt, or sweet treats, Jewelry communicates a “you are special message” to your sweetheart. It is like a password to the heart of that special person, and the giver of the gift is like the secure server of all the admiration and delight that’s felt.

I knew that I must find the custom jewelry I initially hoped to find. I asked the pawnbroker if he had anything else hidden in the back or in a safe that I could consider. He told me to give him a minute, and he would check. I waited, anticipating that he would have that perfect piece.

Pawn Shops Have Hidden Treasures

He approached the counter with a sealed bag. It looked full.

On the bag was the company name, PB Pawn, and Jewelry.

I was hoping beyond measure that the bag would have the piece my girlfriend would cherish forever. Not only would it be fun, but it would also be beautiful.

He set the bag down on the counter. Out he pulled gold rings, diamond pendants, fine Jewelry, silver bracelets, and unique and beautifully crafted items that would create a smile on any face. I looked at each piece. I imagined the box it would come in and the perfect gift, and I knew it had to create a wow moment and memorable and lasting experience.

So many of the pieces would be romantic gifts for someone. I was losing hope as he kept setting things on the counter for me to look at and then placing them back in the bag once I saw them and said, “not this one.”

To my delight, there it was!

It was the perfect personalized Valentine’s Day gift that I wanted. This ring was exquisite, with a combination of gold, pink sapphire, and diamonds on the band. I asked to see the ring. Adorned with small seed diamonds and a perfectly cut pink sapphire, the ring made a statement of love. It was apparent it had been a ring made with a desire to personalize it for the wife or girlfriend who received it.

Now it was the perfect gift for me to give.

I asked the pawnbroker to set up a new account and gave him my payment information. I was so excited I couldn’t remember my password or account info sign in. I followed the cues that said, “create a password reset link,” as I worked through accessing my account to see how much money I had.

He said the ring was on sale and had only been set in the back because it was waiting to be processed to set out in the cases. He agreed it was a perfect way to express my love. As he processed the invoice, I realized that I might not have enough money to pay for the ring.

The pawnbroker assured me that this wasn’t a problem. He let me know he would work with me on a collateral loan or that he could buy something of value outright if this would help. I remembered I had a gold necklace I had purchased as a Valentine’s Day gift if I didn’t find a gift at Pacific Beach. I asked him to wait just a minute.

Hustling to the car, I grabbed the box the necklace was in. It was a 10k gold chain with a small gold pendant. It wasn’t a crowd stopper of a gift, and it was simple but not what I wanted to give. I didn’t spend a lot of money on it and was hopeful the pawnbroker would buy the necklace outright. That amount could make up the difference in the cost of the ring, the perfect ring I found amongst the numerous personalized valentine’s day gifts I had looked through.

Back inside, the pawnbroker appraised the necklace in front of me. He said it was a well-made necklace and let me know what amount he could offer. He provided instructions and reassured me that I was under no obligation to take the offer. I was filled with delight, and I knew that selling it was the right thing to do to purchase the perfect custom jewelry piece I had my heart set on.

I left with a smile, and I knew this was the perfect way to say, “I love you.”

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