Pacific Beach Pawn Has Deals for Black Friday

Balck Friday Sale

Like everyone, you are probably looking for Black Friday deals that make sense and help you save money when shopping for the gifts you need. The 2022 holiday season is here, and folks are trying to find an early Black Friday deal for the one special gift on their list. Maybe it is a fire […]

Find Jewelry From Pawn Shops and Save!

Unique diamond ring

Christmas is a coming and geese are getting fat…but the dollar seems to be shrinking. The well known Christmas rhyme written by Edith Nesbit in 1858 and a favorite of many. Unfortunately, the current economy finds prices are higher, and the dollar seems to go as far. When you go to the grocery store or […]

Tiffany Jewelry is Unique, But Where Can I Sell My Tiffany Jewelry?

The quote by Jaclyn Smith “Angels are like diamonds. They can’t be made. You have to find them. Each one is unique.” Diamonds are cherished because nothing quite compares to these beloved gemstones. These precious gems started 100 feet below the Earth’s surface and then traveled to the surface through the heat and power of […]